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Best Non Flower Sympathy Gifts 2023

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

After a family loss, a quick search on Amazon pulled up blankets, candles, and windchimes all with a common theme - words or quotes on them that immediately made me cringe. Nothing against these heartfelt gifts, but my style isn't exactly "warm hug" or "lost but never gone." I immediately went down the rabbit hole of trying to source the perfect gift and ultimately also designed my own. This list includes all my favorite ideas for any millennial sympathy gift or grief gift needed for loss of a loved one, pet, or miscarriage- all under $50. I hope you find something that will bring comfort for loved ones in the time ahead!


Memorialight - Developed in 2022 after a family loss, I designed the logo, branding, web design, packaging and figured out selling on Amazon. My company is woman-owned and it's honestly my laptop, myself, and an idea I believe can spread a lot of light and hope in the face of loss.

I love these grief suncatchers because they are a daily reminder of the love and light loss leaves behind. It feels active and gives a time to remember your loved one in a private (read: extremely subtle) yet impactful way. You can also share a Memorialight with family members or friends to grieve together even while you're states apart.


The Hayes Collection ATL makes the coolest ornaments, keepsakes, and cutting boards that can be custom engraved with handwriting from your loved ones. These make such special group gifts and the quality is unmatched.


BijounBoutique - I love that this sympathy gift includes a photo and is also "just for you." There is no reason anyone but you has to know what this special necklace or keychain represents. When you peek into the bead, a photo keepsake is revealed.

You can look in the bead to reveal the image or use a light to project it.

Sometimes the best gift you can give is a toast to a life well-lived. I love making my own gift with bottles from Drizly because they're delivered right to a friend or family member and I usually include something like "Life's short - drink the good wine" or "Cheers to one of the best guys who raised one of the best guys I know." Life goes on after death and gifting a nice evening/special occasion drink acknowledges that we should celebrate every day.

These gifts are all the perfect modern sympathy gifts to give in 2023 if someone loses a loved one, friend, father, mother, or miscarriage. Never forget to check in with those in your life who recently experienced a loss - it gets lonely days and weeks after losing someone we love. Hoping these thoughtful gifts and your friendship help to bring comfort in the time ahead.

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